How to play Cryptomining game (and earn free cryptocurrency)

Wanna earn free cryptocurrency by playing games? Ever tried the cryptomininggame site and found it too complex? I have put together a bit of a tutorial to get you started and on your way to earning cryptocurrency online for free.

Crypto mining game (CMG) is, as the name suggests, a game wherein you can mine crypto currency. You can earn the top 6: bitcoin, bitcoincash, ethereum, dogecoin, dash, litecoin (they even have their own own custom currency (Crypto Game Tokens – the official ECR20 tokens of CMG). What’s cool about is it (apart from its earning potential) is that it doesn’t use your CPU to do the mining and you can optionally contribute (via Patreon) and get some really cool extra features).

Earn free cryptocurrency by playing games – how it works

You can use CMG to earn free cryptocurrency in a multitude of ways. The simplest of which is to use energy to do a mining “job” where you decide how much time to dedicate to the job (obviously the longer you do the job, the higher your payout and the more energy it requires).

Playing the cryptomining game this way will earn free cryptocurrency for you, but it is incredibly slow (not to mention the constant need to keep coming back to the page to restart the task once it completes). Another way would be to use their mining crypto feature, where crystals (a form of in-game energy) are used to mine a crypto currency of your choice.


However,crystals don’t automatically renew;but this isn’t a problem because there’s also a job to mine crystals. In other words, you could do a job to earn crypto and crystals, alternating between the two, thus earning you enough crystal to mine your favourite crypto currency whilst also simultaneously mining your favourite crypto. 

Great, so this is the best way to earn free cryptocurrency?

When I first tried CMG, I was put off by CMG, as it was so multi-faceted that it was confusing. It wasn’t until I was looking for a way to mine bitcoin for free and had some spare time to really dig in (I also had some help from ask RJ, who has other ways to earn crypto, be sure to check him out here:

And he has a very cool and helpful Youtube channel here:

Earning free Cryptocurrency using CryptominingGame – It’s actually not that complicated

Cryptomining Game also features a job function which allows you to “work” for CryptoCoinz – an in-game currency that can be used to upgrade cards in your deck. Thus with the jobs feature, you can get Crystals, free crypto currency or CryptoCoinz:

earn free cryptocurrency

To become more efficient at these jobs you can use skill points to upgrade your skill level. Skill points can be found in the world, or in crates (extra prizes offered in the world or for completing quests).

What’s this world that you talk about? More ways to earn bitcoin online (and the others too)

There’s a world game, whereby you are represented by your avatar in a 2500 by 2500 world, divided into squares. Some squares have collectible items (denoted by their respective icon in the world) and a number (that shows what the minimum level required to be successful in your “mission”). Missions with higher numbers offer higher rewards, but are less likely to succeed if your level is too low. Successful missions mean that you not only get the listed items, but also extra items (H[ashing]Power , XP, Crypto, tickets for their daily lottery draws, and if you are lucky, an extra crate).

It’s important to realise that movement across the world requires that you either go yourself (using energy) or by sending a drone (doing so costs some crystal, but less energy).Drones are advantageous as they allow you to complete multiple missions at once.These are however limited in number of simultaneous missions by your level (eg at level 7, I can only have 7 simultaneous missions).

Some items available in Crypto Mining Game:

Bitcoin Satoshi 
Bitcoin Cash Satoshi 
Crypto Mining Game TokenCustom Crypto token
CrystalUsed to mine crypto, move in world
CryptocoinzUsed to upgrade cards
ChestContains goodies to improve your game
HPowerMine more crypto per minute
Skill PointsIncrease efficiency of jobs (Crypto, Cryptocoinz and Crystal)
Cards / Card TokensUsed to play the card game
Gaming TokensUsed to play even more games to earn crypto
Trader TokensUsed to trade items on the marketplace

So, I can earn a bit more cryptocurrency in the world, can I do anything else?

Not only can you explore the world but you can also “attack” people on the world (Other players will have their avatars on the world map too). Furthermore, there’s also an option to “spy” on another player, to check out their card deck, before attacking them.

What is XP?

Every time you do something you gain XP (experience points) and when you reach a particular amount, you level up. See below table for levels and their required XP.

LevelOverall XP Required
Level 10
Level 299
Level 3199
Level 4499
Level 5999
Level 61,999
Level 74,999
Level 89,999
Level 919,999
Level 1049,999
Level 1199,999
Level 12199,999
Level 13499,999
Level 14999,999
Level 151,999,999
Level 164,999,999
Level 179,999,999
Level 1819,999,999
Level 1949,999,999
Level 2099,999,999

Prize crates?

Crates offer you a lot of goodies in one go. Crates can be earned when doing jobs, mining, in the world or for completing quests. There are 3 levels of crates and each offer a different amount of items and require a different amount of crystal to open:

Crate TypeTime to OpenXPPrize level
Bronze2 Hours50 CrystalAverage
Silver6 Hours200 CrystalGood
Gold15 HoursTBCExcellent


In the world you can attack other players (not more than 3 levels below you). If successful you gain VP (victory points) and go into the crypto mining wars league table. There’s a monthly league and the top few players every month get rewarded. Additionally, players can also join a VMP (Virtual Mining Pool) and share resources, chat and work together to earn more crypto currency.

 The way that winners are decided in these games, is through each player’s deck of cards. Cards are rewarded as you complete missions (world), beat the anti-bot, complete jobs (jobs), quests (quests) you often get rewarded with cards. Once you have enough cards of a particular type, you can trade in Cryptocoinz to level up the card. Additionally, you can also build up to 5 decks using a combination of 8 cards, to ensure a greater chance of success when attacking other players. Moreover, most of the cards also have non-card game benefits (like earning an extra 1% crypto currency when mining or performing a job)


There’s also Quests that can be completed to help you along your way to earn cryptos. Basically you complete a variety of tasks (like mine any crypto currency for 1 hour or complete 10 missions in the world), as you do these tasks, you receive either cards or crates. Earning crates obviously helps further your cause in this game.

Check if cryptomining is a scam

We always advocate responsible online earning, so I always advise to practice caution. We mention how to avoid falling victim to online scams here:

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out a few reviews of CMG to reassure yourself that this is legit and worthwhile:

The ever trustworthy lists it as the #1 cryptocurrency faucet:

MyPTCGuide (Bill also keeps an eye out for decent ways to earn online) lists only one con against many pros:

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Sign up today to start earning free crypto currency online

There’s a cool tutorial to get you on your way (not that you need it after this guide). After completing it, you get free 50 energy, a silver crate and 100 XP to get you started. Why not give it a whirl, what do you have to lose?

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