How to catch an online scam, before it catches you

A lot of people want to earn easy money online. Have you ever found ways to make money online, put in the required time (and sometimes even money), only to lose out and not get anything in return? The only people getting rich quick are the scammers themselves. Don’t worry, through years of practical study (and sometimes falling victim to these scams myself), I have found a foolproof technique to weed out those schemes before you fall victim again!

Get-rich-quick schemes have been around for ages. All that has changed is how they are delivered to us (remember the old envelope stuffing scams, or worse yet, the chain letters where you had to send money to all the people on the list, or else face impending doom).

In 2020, there are just as many scams around as way back when (I immediately think of 419 scams and the Spanish Prisoner). In fact, with the financial effects of COVID-19, scammers must be licking their chops at the increased prospects of catching the greedy or unfortunate. By staying ahead of scammers, you can earn easy money online (as a student, kid or just from home), without worrying.

  1. Do your research

This sounds logical, but a lot of people get too caught up in the potential earnings that they skip this step. BIG MISTAKE. Often a simple search engine query can tell you quite quickly if something is legit or a scam. Take the time to do this step, and I promise you, it will be time well spent.

The simplest suggestion would be to type the name of the opportunity into a search engine (like Google or Bing) and add one of the following words after it:

  • Scam

This generally tells if the offering is a scam or not. Scams range from requiring some sort of payment (or time investment from you), without giving a return / promised return

  • Legit

This will tell if an offering is legit. Some people have done the work for you. They check things like, if the offering has a website, how long the offering has been around, how old the website is (and if the owner is from a different country than claimed on the site)

  • Reviews

This gives an indication of how people rate the site. It may be a legit site, but it may not be worth your time, effort and energy

Read the first few results for each search query to get an overall feeling for what users feel about the offering. Be cautious though, some sites have scammers, posing as users, posting good things about offerings. Generally, if the post / review is very generic or gives too few details about what the reviewer likes, then don’t take it too seriously.

very descriptive review…

If it’s an App, check out the App store’s reviews (be cautious with these too, as scammers can often put good reviews to drive up the ratings or promise users higher payouts to do this)


Our advice doesn’t stop there…

Often offerings are legitimate, but not worth your time and effort. Just because we want to earn easy money online, doesn’t mean that we don’t value our time – we want to be earning the most that we can online.

No other blogs are advising this, but as an additional bonus, I would suggest searching for the offering + “Worth it”

You might get the same results as above, but you should also get at least one or two results also detailing if the offering is worth it. Remember legit doesn’t always mean worthwhile. You want to be paid as decently as possible when earning easy money online, not peanuts. You don’t want to be doing 100’s of tasks, only to get 1 cent!!!

Check how these sites feel about it

There are a handful of sites, with people like yourself, interested in making money online, but not interested in scams. Check out our main page for earning easy money online: Earn Easy Money Online. They have done some of the legwork for you. If you are still unsure (or you just want some reassurance), check out what people at the below sites have to say about the offering:

  2. Foxyrating

Example of how to weed out a scam

What better way to show how to weed out a scam site than to give a real-life practical example?

I recently came across this online money-making “opportunity” and thought that I’d use it as a Case Study for Online Money-making opportunities.

The opportunity is called

Step 1) Search for Sharecash Scam

I found the below:

Doesn’t look very promising, does it. Let’s move onto step 2)

Step 2) Search for legit

                                Here are the results:

BOOM – the first result tells us exactly what we want to know.

I am, however going to play devil’s advocate here and investigate the remaining 3 results:

This is according to

According to TrustPilot:

5 Reviews and not a single good one – doesn’t look like a good idea to put your time in here

According to:

If you are absolutely not convinced by now, you could try Step 3)

Step 3) Try searching Sharecash Reviews:

Skipping past previous results that we investigated, I found this:

If this is a scam, why are so many people recommending it on Social Media?

Either the people posting these links and invites are the scammers themselves (they often create fake profiles to help achieve this) or often, people grow their “earnings” on these types of opportunities through inviting / referring other people (or giving good reviews). Of course, nothing grows, except for the scammers’ network of those that they can potentially scam.


Always do your homework before investing any time or money into anything. “My dad often advised me – “If something seems too good to be true, it normally means it is.” Just stop, take a few minutes and consider if it’s too good to be true. “Is this a sustainable way for me it sustainable? If this is legit, how does this company make a profit? These are just simple questions that can help find the validity of offers. If, after doing all of these, you are still not 100% certain, get in touch – we are here to help.

What’s the worst scam that you have fallen victim to? Have you avoided any scams? What’s the most obvious scam that you ever found?

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